What does Progress building inspection mean?


Like any other product in the market, building a home, or constructing a building also produces a product, where the building is your product. And as every product goes through a quality check at various stages, ‘Progress building inspection’ is similar to a quality check for your home. These inspections occur at various stages in the life-span of a construction site; ensuring that each cornerstone is given the detailed attention it requires. These inspections help identify flaws in the site or deviations from the plan and help fix them at the right time, so that you end up with the dwelling of your dream and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

Why is ‘Progress building inspection’ important?

Let’s say you’ve recently purchased a property or are in the process of building your home, and have hired a construction company to deliver results as per your expectations. However, due to lack of in-depth knowledge in the construction workaday, you are at the mercy of the construction supervisor to do the needful. By the time you realize that your home is not turning out as planned, it may be too late to go back and fix it, not without incurring extra expenses. This is where ‘Progress building inspection’ comes into play, and flags out the minor and major defects in the building’s progress, as well as keeping the construction workers in check.

When should one initiate Progress building inspections?

It’s ideal to initiate the inspections at various stages in the building’s progress. This ensures that the vision of the plan was well perceived, the foundation is well-built, the framework is rigid, and the finishing is immaculate. However, you also have the option to inspect only a specific entity in the construction site, such as wall/roof framing, guttering/waterproofing, brick/roof tiles, and so on. These inspections take 30 minutes to an hour depending on what is being inspected. The building inspector will analyze the construction site and provide a detailed report in 24 hours so you can have an expert’s objective opinion on the building’s progress, and rest assured your building’s progress is up to mark.

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